Teresa Ann Foxworthy

Teresa Ann Foxworthy


Inspirational Media Artist: Producer, Director, Interactive DesignerScreenwriter, Photographer, Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Lyricist, Dancer-Choreographer, Model, Music Producer.

Being a creative artist requires walking between worlds. There’s the collective reality world, which is quite complex. Then, there’s one’s inner landscape, probably more complex, more like a Universe in my case. Then, there’s the actual Universe. And finally, there’s the non-physical realm where most inspiration for great works of art originate.

As a creative artist, I have come to realize that I indeed have that “very active inner life”. And though I have immersed myself in it, torn my s’elf from it, scorned it, adored it, I remain quite grateful for being me. Being Teresa means having a huge vision for what is and what can be.

My talent seems to be channeling this infinite inspiration for ecstatic joy as well as the dark and deep water waters of the unfamiliar. Whether I’m writing songs, books, screenplays, whether I’m singing, modeling, designing, directing or producing, I’m enthralled with the creative process.

Lately, I’ve been exploring the themes of “Waking Up as a Spiritual Being”, “Re-Humanizing in a Hi-Tech World” & “Honoring the Feminine”. These sojourns come on the heels of losing loved ones. Fortunately, I’ve had enough joy in my Life to reference the larger perspective of what I feel to be true: We are eternal beings in an infinite universe.

As these next several months progress, I will be recording some new and old songs, finishing some screenplays which are long overdue, and allowing each day that I’m alive to inspire me on this “upward spiral” for “complete re-emergence” as the “creative genius” which I know myself to be.

So, welcome to my creative corner of cyberspace…