Stars for Ayla

STARS for AYLA is a project by Teresa, a multi-talented artist whose resume includes film, television, theater, dance, radio, and music. With new screenplays, books, and her highly-anticipated debut album STARS 4 AYLA getting ready for production, Teresa is poised to fulfill her musical dreams. After writing songs for a half-a-dozen years with 3-time Grammy-winning producer, Narada Michael Walden, Teresa was inspired to pursue her own CD. Her upcoming songs, like Infinite Bliss, Ascension, & the Love Zone, Deeper & Deeper, will absolutely mezmerize you. Just a taste of what this multi-faceted woman is capable of. An accomplished singer, songwriter, dancer, TV personality, writer, director, producer, and actress, Teresa has developed her talent into a dynamic force. She’s ready to go all the way with her songs which have irresistible hooks & grooves. Musicians, engineers, producers, & other music pros are encouraged to contact Teresa for collaboration.

Tracks will be available on Soundcloud


Teresa began her music training when she was just 4 years old, studying piano. Since then, she’s played in a few bands, collaborated with great musicians & producers, & birthed a vision of a new sound.

As she explains it, �After working with various artists and producers, I�m excited to have my songs hit the airwaves, dance clubs, and worldwide on the Internet. The title is about all the good things that can happen, despite life�s challenges. I could have rushed to put an album out years ago, but because I had to wait, it worked out for the best. Everything happened for a reason. It�s definitely evolved who I am.�

Whether it’s her alternative, pop, soul, or dance tracks, Teresa is an exceptional talent with vast cross-over skills. �Peace Is You�, �In My Dreams�, �Ascension�, and the rest are all so different, yet together create this fascinating journey.

One listen to STARS for AYLA and it is clear that Teresa is both a sweet and powerful artist. �I�m older now. Before, I wrote simpler songs. Now I write with more depth.� The depth is evident by the album�s smooth and eclectic mix with lyrics that have a bit more edge. You can feel it taking you to unexpected places, like the up-tempo �My Love Is Alive.� She explains, �I love fusing genres as I relate tales of love, power, spirituality, and evolution. It will get you up singing on the dance floor�a great song for my live shows�. The other songs promise to be just as exciting, especially the flirty �Whisper� and the very endearing song, �Hold Me.�

Ms. Foxworthy has traveled an unusual voyage with her creative spirit. “Ayla of the Pink Opalescent Universe” is ready to share her music with the world. As her album title indicates, the twinkling, night stars guide this talented artist to birth a new sound.

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