Ayla – Tracks

1. Ascension – Trance

I was at Burning Man one year and the phrase came to me��use your fire�, cause all these people were mad or creative or experimenting. I thought it would make a cool song, so I finished a rough draft of lyrics. Then, as I was in the studio, playing some music, the sky began to clear. It was San Francisco; dramatic and beautiful. My dad later told me I had done the first recording on the feast of the Assumption, which means, Ascension. I thought that was a cool synchronicity.

2. In My Dreams – Alternative

Sweet and loving, this song is about wishing peace, love, and joy to everyone in the world. I often write in the very early hours before dawn because I feel the inspiration of angels guiding me. The serenity I feel in those hours gives me such insight into life and love.

3. Whisper – Soul

Pure fun, this song is about flirting with the one you love. The lyrics and melody came together for me in my head, one afternoon, when I was feeling so in love and imagining how my sweetheart would be so tender and playful.

4. Love Zone – Soul

Written for a guy who actually has since passed away, this song has special meaning for me. We only really had one night together, but I loved him from a distance for a long, long time. I felt so much for him, that whenever he was around, I would feel what I could only explain as, The Love Zone.

5. Deeper – Soul

This is a huge favorite. It�s about falling in love in a �once-in-a-lifetime� kind of way. The kind you will always remember. Not because you want to, but because you have no choice. The love took you too deep, too far, to ever forget.

6. Prisoner – Alternative

I once had a boyfriend who I knew loved me but he couldn�t go as deep emotionally as I needed; he didn�t want to break up. Later he wanted to get back together, though he still couldn�t discuss his feelings. I felt like a prisoner. He�s one of the few people I couldn�t seem to stay close friends with because I need to be with people that can be real with their feelings.

7. Hold Me – Soul

Feeling happy, hopeful, but still vulnerable, this song was instrumental in me really learning to let go into my music. The sultry, sweeping feelings are so fun to sing. Anyone probably can relate to the lyrics, when you meet someone who feels so strong and loving, after you�ve been through hell. You just want them to hold you, because you feel they’ll be for real.

8. Stars for Ayla – Alternative

This song kept me crying when I was recording it. The culmination of working so hard for so long, all the while feeling divinely guided, makes this a very important song for me, personally. I felt a mission from a young age to inspire others. After going through hard times myself, it became stronger. Heaven gives its gifts to everyone. We only have to notice, cultivate, and cherish them.

9. In the Garden – Trance

This is a very meaningful song that came to me while I was working in L.A. and wanted to be back in the natural setting of Northern California. I thought about the greenery and how it reminded me of the Garden of Eden. It had a dreamy quality that I liked, so I created the music to go with that theme.

10. My Love Is Alive – Trance

As a pleasant change, I was inspired by my love for life and music and the new people I was meeting, once I began making progress on my projects. The combination of great relationships, great inspiration, and a profound spiritual life combined to give birth to this song. It�s a great dance number that really brings out the inner emotions of liberation and joy.

11. Peace is You – Soul

With so many wars, humanity is weary. I hope everyone remembers that peace depends on each of us. In our daily lives, especially, so we can focus on more profound things. Pettiness like road rage, or injustices like political lies are so beneath our human potential. “Peace in the world, means peace in you.”

12. Infinite Bliss – Invocation

I wanted to write a song to convey the power I�ve experienced in meditations. It�s so beyond anything anyone could say, but I had to try. This song feels so magical and that�s what I wanted to get across. Infinite Bliss is our birthright. I like mixing the sweetness with the power and feeling pulled deeper inside my soul. I like the majectic parade feeling I get from the keyboards… I can easily imagine a procession of powerful beings of light.