Composer, Diane Carliner

  Working with Diane on a song. She's traveled the world as a concert pianist, going to England, India, and across the USA. She was my first piano teacher. Now we are collaborating after all of these years! Making magic wherever I go!


Fairy Festival

Traveling from DC to LA to Maui is a fun life, but it's not just for fun. We research every step of the way, where to explore, where to meditate, where to record. We love what we do and we do it to make this world a better place.

Hello World!

Welcome to a world of inspirational art & media! Over the years, Teresa has put together an eclectic body of work in the ethereal genres of film, music, & art.  Today she is producing mobile apps, interactive media, designing conceptual installations, while singing, songwriting, modeling, rehearsing for voice overs, & directing motion media. Artist Teresa…Read more Hello World!