Home to Maui


Arriving in Maui was truly a homecoming. This deep rich experience of the tropics with fragrant flowers, gentle breezes, blue, blue waters & skies that turn every colour of the rainbow, and waterfalls to enchant you body & soul!

Here to work on the pilot for Maui Goddess,


Season 1 of Cosmic Angel TV


which has as an episode, the Maui Mermaid Tribe


These programs are leading-edge inspiration for positive programming in a world where there’s only so much media that matters.  Uplifting content which combines music, dance, nature, relaxation, comedy, etc., is an easy way to shift the mood of your day when you need it. Our viewers have written letters telling of the benefits they received watching our shows about meditation, healing, and ‘waking up as a spiritual being’.

We’re immersing our s’elves in the flora, the fauna, the verdant valleys, the rugged mountains, the crystalline waters, the aloha spirit which seduces you into a real understanding of well-being; body, mind, heart, & soul.

We’re here til April, when we’ll go next Back to Baltimore for our East Coast episodes of Cosmic Angel TV, which brings inspiration of higher consciousness as you walk your sacred path, whatever that is.  Align with the Divine & you are One with the Source of all Creation.  Living in the Light, living in the Vortex of your Bliss, you can have, do or be anything you want, just like the “secret” behind The Secret film explains.

Looking ahead to a few months of Maui Bliss, we welcome your thoughts, questions, suggestions, ideas, & feedback.  We want to keep channeling for you the higher frequencies of Joy which you can integrate with for higher operational functioning in your lives.  This point in history is an opportunity to jump beyond what any society has done before. Notice how you can manifest at your highest potential, both personally & professionally.

Maui represents to me this environment where you can indeed have, do, or be, anything you want.  I feel like I’m on an expedition to see how far we can take this…